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  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    Iftikhar Ahmed

    My name is Iftikhar Ahmed and I am a Full-Stack Developer, currently living in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Aphinya Dechalert

    Aphinya Dechalert

    Code Things + Productivity, Freelancing & Ideas πŸŽͺ Follow me at twitter.com/dottedsquirrel 🌼 Free eBook in the works πŸ±β€πŸ’»

  • Jonathan Siddharth

    Jonathan Siddharth

    I build things. CEO & Co-Founder, Turing. Former: CEO & Co-Founder Rover (acquired), A.I. for Search Relevance at Powerset (acquired), A.I. at Stanford

  • Nils Adermann

    Nils Adermann

    Co-Founder of Packagist Conductors & Creator of Composer for PHP

  • Jerrold Manapat

    Jerrold Manapat

    Web & Graphic Designer, Illustrator

  • Omowunmi Adesuyi

    Omowunmi Adesuyi

  • Prototypr.io



  • Daan


    Backend developer from The Netherlands. Creator of https://horecaspot.nl

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